Smiling again

Hi, my name is Marco Silva, I am a professional coach and my job is to
accompany people who have spent a considerable time of their lives
trying to please their parents, teachers, partners, bosses...
People having a hard time saying 'no', looking for approval,
afraid of rejection and prey to perfectionism.

I help them let go of the guilt. I support their 
and help them regain their decision power,
courage, control over their lives,
self-esteem, and smile again.

The reason behind what I do

During my many years as a teacher and professional coach, while working with students and clients, I have witnessed anxiety, fear, worry, anger, belittling, resentment... of wanting to and not being able to. It doesn't have to be like this, one can learn to live in a more positive and meaningful way. Believe me, if I have been able to do it, you can do it too.
More about my clients

Lacking a better name, my profession is called "coach" and what do I do? I accompany my clients, just like a personal trainer (in this case of the mind and emotions), and I use techniques and tools that come mainly from Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Bioneuroemoción®, the study of the family tree - transgenerational, the theory of positive intelligence, and over time I have developed my own method and tools with effective results. 

The Camino de Santiago
Yes! The Camino de Santiago, my first initiatory journey in 2004, is perhaps the strongest reason why I am dedicated to helping others with coaching. On the Camino I realised that in order to smile again from my authentic self, I had to stop pleasing others and start living from what I really wanted, and in the process regain my self-love. What I experienced there literally changed my life. For this reason, I also accompany the "hero's journey" of some of my clients on the route as their guide and coach.

Patients or clients?
Clients; I don't do therapy, I only work with people who are open to change, to learn and apply what we work in the sessions, functional and without behavioural disorders.

And what do my clients get as a result of our work together?
They become aware of what limits them, they manage to develop more positive behaviours, deal with their emotions, make decisions that make them gain control of their lives, feel more self-love and inner peace. 

What I see at the end of a session with me are relaxed shoulders, softened expression lines, smiles and I hear words like: "I'm taking more peace of mind, tools to use in my life, work and relationships. I'm taking a plan, courage to do what I have to do, joy, inspiration and self-esteem".

I love what I do!


Hi, I'm Marco, founder of Marco Silva Coaching

Smiling again!
This smile has not always been or is not always here... but it is here more than ever. I was reunited with it when, upon leaving my homeland - a decision I made after walking the Camino de Santiago, I realised that I was finally living the life I had always wanted; free, aligned with my purpose, at ease doing what I wanted to do. 

I found myself happy alone with my values, convictions, motivated and enthusiastic in shaping a very intense personal transformation. 
In such a defining and profound way I decided to make my profession-passion out of it: being a coach and helping others.

It is a true honour to be able to accompany your transformation so that you can smile again because you are being true, authentic and in alignment with what you want for your life.

Best wishes,

More about me

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