Marco Silva Coaching Testimonial Elena Bacalim

"It has been almost two weeks since the session with Marco and after the calm and lucidity that I have now, I share with you my experience. Imagine being out in the open and feeling a big storm, a hurricane... and you are lost and you meet Marco and ask him for help... he takes you by the hand and leads you directly to the eye of the tornado... because it is the only way out... He holds you with tact, firmness and gentleness, guides you to see the way out and gives you all the tools you need to repair, rebuild, to recompose. And after the calm that comes, you realise that the wind blew away everything unnecessary and the rain cleaned the ground, that the sun shines in the blue sky and that life is wonderful with all its imperfections. What can I say about Marco...a great person and a great professional!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Marco Silva Coaching Testimonial Jael Ortega

"I was looking for a way to integrate my grownup side with my inner child, I felt that I needed to do it and when I met Marco, I felt he could guide me to do it. During the session, he helped me to enter a state of deep relaxation and calmness. I was able to see my value as a human being and as a professional as well. I had the opportunity to embrace the past and look clearly and confidently at my present. It was a wonderful opportunity for integration and healing. After this session, I have felt much more sure of myself, with a clear vision and generosity in my heart to embrace the wisdom that the past gave me. This was a wonderful, truly transformative Coaching session.
I can fully recommend Marco Silva's Coaching services and I would love to take part in one of his pilgrimage programs on the road to Santiago de Compostela.
Thanks, Marco for your support. You are an amazing Coach."

Marco Silva Coaching Testimonial Maria Koropecki

"I’m so glad I met Marco Silva on my journey of life. Every time I talk with him, I feel supported, like he’s a strong dance partner pressing the small of my back, gently guiding me while also letting me do my thing. In our intense and emotional session, he took me deep into my memory and helped me reframe a moment from my childhood.
I knew he was listening intently because he recalled things I said earlier in the conversation and then weaved them back in, helping me to create a new narrative.
Now I feel free to move forward and I’m looking forward to walking with Marco in person on a Camino someday soon.
I highly recommend Marco to anyone ready to shed their old self and explore a new path."

Marco Silva Coaching Testimonial Luis Vieira

"I just had a session with Marco Silva. I know him as a friend for so many years, now I can say that I have met a "new" Marco! Extremely professional and above all, extremely helpful!!
I was/am facing not the best personal moment of my life, and now I feel better, and see it with a different view.
Thanks Marco!
100% recommendable!!!"

Marco Silva Coaching Testimonial Patricia Vilas Sanchéz

"Earlier today I had the session with Marco. It was amazing how he led me and guided me to identify the source of my discomfort. I felt very comfortable and I came out of the session more confident, renewed and with resources to help me increase my self-confidence and empower myself. I highly recommend it. Amazing!"

Marco Silva coaching testimonio Noemí

"A session with Marco is a very positive experience to keep going on the path that life presents to us, in those moments when sometimes we need a little push to have the strength, without doubts, to move forward. He listens to you, guides you, renews you and fills you with energy".

Marco Silva Coaching Testimonial Zmaj Arrual

"Marco's energy is very unique! He has this way of combining ''professionalness'' with being personal, which made me feel empowered and challenged while feeling unconditionally supported. He has an endless supply of tools and visualizations to guide you through anything that you are experiencing. I really appreciated how adaptive he was to my needs and especially how light the session felt due to his humourous and caring approach. After our session, I felt immensely empowered and transformed on a spiritual and emotional level. I felt like I could accomplish the things I want to accomplish and felt protected and guided in doing so. Thank you Marco! Very grateful and honoured to have met you."

Marco Silva Coaching Testimonial Toni Cañellas

"I would like to thank Marco for his professionalism and closeness in our 3-month individual coaching programme for personal development and growth that we just finished a few days ago. It was an inner and outer journey that I needed to recognise myself. As an ICF certified Coach, I recognise and appreciate Marco's mastery and humanity as a Transformational Coach. Thank you very much Coach Marco Silva, my friend. "

Marco Silva Coaching Testimonial Juan Miguel Peréz

"Marco helped me to change a pattern on a specific situation, where I was facing difficulties. He set the stage, and we went deeper to the root of the problem. At the end, I felt I knew where to find the strength and resources to pull in similar situations to face them with a clearer mindset, and more confidence. I think the key element was that: find the confidence I had somewhere to bring it when I need. It was a lovely session, and I highly recommend Marco if you want to make concrete progress !"

Marco Silva Coaching Testimonial Juan Miguel Peréz

"Marco, thank you very much for your work, support and dedication. You bring light and clarity to the process of understanding and acceptance, you bring new alternatives and horizons. You generate a potential for growth and possibilities. Excellent work, extraordinary. Thank you very much"

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