The Camino de Santiago and its influence on what I do and what I am

Marco Silva Coaching Camino de Santiago

My coaching method, also a reflection of who I am, is powerfully inspired by what I learned and grew from walking the Camino de Santiago, a modern-day adventure/pilgrimage in the North of Spain. This is my message to you, this is what I develop with my clients. What did I learn and coach-teach back from the Camino?

• That I am always first, out of self-love and positive freedom. Living a life based on pleasing the other is a source of unhappiness, frustration and death of one's essence. I Am Love.

• That a personal transformation, transmutation and change is possible. This is how Life expresses itself - continuous movement. I Am Life.

• That I own and am responsible for all the emotions that live in me, so only I can heal them. I Am Responsibility.

• That feeling joy, freedom and peace is possible. The first step is deciding to do so. I Am Decision.

• To have faith in myself, in people and in Life - to live with faith is to live surrendered and accepting. I Am Acceptance.

• To respect my pace and the pace of others, we are all different, and to accept that difference in the other without judging, closes bonds. I Am Respect.

• That I can achieve more than I think, especially when I listen to my heart, when I listen to my intuition and when I believe I can. I Am Action.

• To be more creative, by letting go so much mental noise and opening space for innate wisdom to manifest. I Am Creativity.

• To adapt - the more adaptable I am the less I suffer. I Am Adaptation.

• To listen - when you truly listen to others you allow a safe space for discovery, awareness, learning, growth and empathy. I Am Connection.

• To be attentive to the direct and symbolic messages from the "Camino" and the environment around me - this is my subconscious wisdom talking to me. I Am Understanding.

• That sharing and learning from others makes me happier - sharing smiles, tears, joys, achievements and life experiences with people from all over the world, of all skin colours and beliefs makes me grow tremendously. I Am Sharing.

• That we are all entitled to a second chance - forgiveness is a beautiful tool. I Am Forgiveness.

• To appreciate what I Am, have and experience - gratitude is an act of love. I Am Gratitude.

• To learn from the past about myself. Every experience given by Life is an opportunity to learn and grow. I Am Learning and Growth.

• That being authentic is safe and the best to get rid of regret. I Am Authenticity.

• To be more aware of my body, my capacities, limits and needs. My body is a sacred temple that allows me to experience life, to treat it the best I can. I Am my Body and the Earth.

• That there is a creative Source to Live that shows itself in people, animals, plants, earth, water, fire and air. I Am Nature.

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A client's experience at the Camino de Santiago

Marco Silva Coaching testimonio Tanya da Silva

"The goals I set out to achieve when I started my "Camino experience" were to challenge myself physically while becoming more self-aware of my mental and emotional needs.

What I took away from the process is that I am stronger mentally and physically than I ever imagined or thought possible. The new awareness I took away is that I can accomplish any goal I set for myself; while the journey I take to get there may not look or come how I think or envision it will, what is most important is that I get there at my own pace and being kind to myself in the process.

This experience will allow me to apply these principles to my everyday life and how I approach all future challenges, decisions and struggles. The "Camino" is very much a journey of respect and patience - for one's body, mind and spirit. Respecting your pace, your speed, your needs, your thoughts, your desires - because if you are unable to understand and respect these for yourself - you certainly cannot expect anyone else to do it for you.

Marco is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend him for whatever your needs are. Whether you need personal life coaching, physical activity and nutritional training, etc. - he has the ability to understand how to tailor a specific program that works not only for your personality but also addresses your specific needs. His coaching has brought me a higher level of self-awareness and discovery, improved my quality of life, helped improve my health and fitness and continues to help me achieve a more balanced life, physically, mentally and spiritually"

Tanya da Silva


Doing the Camino de Santiago

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