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Marco Silva

About Marco

Hi my dear friend, I'm Marco,
I hail from a beautiful Portuguese island called Madeira, and today I live and work in Spain. My expertise and passion is enhancing and promoting human wellbeing and our innate ability to smile from the heart through coaching powerful tools.

Let me tell you that I firmly believe that my mission and my passion is to share with people tools that enable them to learn to live to their fullest potential.

My approach with my clients is based on a method I have developed - ’The 4 Pillars of Change‘. It focuses on a) raising awareness; b) ways to letting go the past (Bioneuroemoción® is particularly effective here); c) setting objectives and creating a plan of action; and d) the importance of finding a driving force, a purpose for every change that we introduce in our lives.
I have a degree in physical education and sport, and I was teaching these subjects for ten years. I received a diploma in acupuncture, and I am a certified alternative therapist in several techniques. I worked as a therapist and manager in the wellness and well-being industry. I was involved in the development of different concepts for spa projects while working for an Austrian company. In 2010, I graduated as a personal life coach, having completed the Certified Professional Coach Programme (CPCP) of the International Coach Academy accredited by the International Coach Federation. I also completed the Bioneuroemoción® postgraduate programme. This method clarifies how emotions, beliefs, conflicts and the environment impact biological processes, such as DNA replication, based on knowledge provided by epigenetics, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), quantum physics, and transgeneracional information, among other fields of study.